Isaac Myers Short Sale Cafe LLC was founded in 2018 by two women in the Washington DC Metro Area, Myrtis Brown and Tina Lindsey to offer Risk Management Service. 

The company began its operations in response to unrecorded Adjustable Rate Mortgage on single family dwellings with no mortgage of disabled Veterans in Prince George's County, Md. 

Our mission is to eliminate Reverse Mortgage fraud by unregulated HUD debt collectors, Fannie Mae servicers, HUD Certified Contractors and Mortgage Companies from Maryland to Texas originating and servicing predatory FHA Insured Financial products with automatic foreclosure clauses and/or processes with no alternatives to FORECLOSURE.

FHA Compliance and HUD Regulations

We focus on subprime lenders ,HUD Servicers, and loan originators of the following FHA Loan Types:

  1. Fannie Mae Reverse Mortgages
  2. FHA Refinances after 2006
  3. HELOC Equity Lines
  4. NOVAD a HUD Servicer

DPIE Violations and Preservation

Lenders that purchase single family dwellings from Public Auctions or Estate Sales in Maryland must abide by the same State, County, and Local Regulatory Property Standard Laws and Codes. 

Our administrators protect the asset (Land ,Improvement, and Original Deed)  against risk such as:

  • Predatory lending practices by Reverse Mortgage Companies and their affiliated financial mortgage brokers/lenders
  • Stripping of Equity
  • Abandonment and Neglect by FHA Servicers and/or Originators
  • Abuse of federally funded and insured programs such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac 
  • Abandonment by HUD Contractors and Servicers of Reverse Mortgages
  • Abuse of Real Property Law against the public ("unrepresented") and adverse legal action by entities affiliated with Reverse Mortgage Trustees, Substitute Trustees, and Financial Institutes unregulated or regulated doing business in Maryland 
  • False Property Claims in Maryland  by Housing Program Servicers and Lenders FORECLOSING without mediation seeking awards from the Department Of Housing Urban and Development  and/or HUD Prime Contractors